2000 by - Eau De Toilette Spray (unboxed) 2.5 oz

Item# 492526

Product Description

In 1999, Lacoste introduced its mens fragrance 2000 to celebrate our entry into the new millennium. A Men's fragrance, Lacoste 2000 possesses a fusion of soft citrus and woods combine to create masculine scent. It is a bold and original fragrance which is spontaneous and appeals to most men. It opens with the top notes of lavender, pear, grapefruit and koumarin. At the heart of this fragrance are the notes of pepper, coriander and ginger, placed on the base of oak moss and amber. Lacoste 2000 is packaged in a frosted glass ringed with metal and locked with a red disk. The final result is enhanced with fresh, stimulating spices Cubeba peper, essences of coriander and ginger.